Each year, Bunker Hill Farms hosts signature charitable events to raise money for the impact and societal change in our neighboring communities. These privately funded events maximize the participants, sponsors and donors impact to the deserving charitable organizations they support. The Muddy Bunker was introduced in 2013 with just over 150 participants, followed by Rockin’ The Hill in 2014 stretching attendance to over 500, these two events have become the staples of Bunker Hill Charities.  Originally conceptualize around having a great time with family, friends neighbors, the Muddy Bunker and Rockin’ The Hill have grown into life changing events to those in need living among us. The incredible and growing support from our participants, sponsors and donors, coupled by the limited tickets sold makes for a one-of-a-kind experience for our guests.

Wanting to do more for our neighboring communities, Bunker Hill Farms launched Rockin’ The Hill in 2014. A private intimate concert that featured an evening of good times and great music with the legendary rock band Cheap Trick.

In 2016, this rockin good time grew exponentially in popularity with rising country star Randy Houser kicking off the night that was headlined by the legendary rock band Styx. Each event is planned meticulously to provide an unforgettable night to all those invited to attend, but to also provide a lasting impact on our communities. These signature concerts have enabled Bunker Hill Charities to grant over 2 Million Dollars to very deserving charitable institutions amidst our neighboring communities and schools.

The Muddy Bunker was conceptualized around an idea of having fun, promoting physical activity and raising some awareness and support for charitable organizations. Kicked off in 2014 with over 150 participants it’s first year, the Muddy Bunker has grown into a highly anticipated return invitation to those that have previously attended. Growing demand for spaces over the years has lead to even bigger and more challenging obstacles. At the Muddy Bunker III, we went over the top, literally, of a live alligator!

Due to the fun nature of the event, our amazing sponsors and participants that return every year with a new group of challengers, our registration has grown over 200%. And with growing participation, the Muddy Bunker has raised over $75,000 in program funding and charitable contributions to deserving organizations in our community.

Through the support of our sponsors and participants, Bunker Hill Farms has funded over 2 Million Dollars in educational programs and charitable organizations in our communities.