Rockin’ The Hill — VIP Seating

VIP Seating Chart

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Text For Your Drinks!

Back by popular demand, text your drink order is back exclusively to our VIP guests.

We strongly suggested registering your seat location now.  Here’s how easy it is. 

 Find your seat location and just text it to (Phone Numbers Below).  Then whenever you want a drink all you have to do is text what you want and a waitress will bring it directly to your seat. 

 For example:  If you’re Bill Berge you will see on the seating chart that you are in row 6, seat 7.  All Bill has to do is send a text (we suggest doing it now) to  xxx-xxx-xxxx with the words “row 6 seat 7”.  Then when Bill gets to the show and is thirsty he just has to text the same number “2 Miller Lites please”   That’s it!   Each person in your group is welcome to register their own phone but just keep in mind your phone is now tied to that specific seat location. 

Left Side

Text Ally For Drinks

(224) 623-4913

Right Side

Text Nicole For Drinks

(815) 861-1646

Don't Forget Your Souvenir Chair

Your VIP Tickets come with a souvenir chair, so please don’t forget to take your chair and the cover/bag with you at the end of the night. The cover/bag will be available after the show at the Volunteer Check-In desk.

For Your Safety & Enjoyment

Rockin’ The Hill 2018 will be the largest crowd and fundraising event for Bunker Hill Charities. With a large crowd assembled, our biggest concern is your safety. Our security and event staff will be highly visible to assist and direct you. The Harvard Fire Department will also be on site in case of any emergency.

We want everyone to have a great time, but if “That Guy or Gal” is putting a damper on the good times, please let us know immediately. McHenry County Police Officers will be on site to remove anyone messing with your good time!

Have a great time, enjoy the concert and thank you all again for your support of Bunker Hill Charities.  This event would not be possible without all of your continued support of Bunker Hill Charities.  We’ll see you Friday where we can’t wait to ROCKIN’ THE HILL once again!!!

See You All At The Concert!

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