Volunteer & Vendor Info

19731 Bunker Hill Road in Woodstock, IL.
Please arrive no later than 3:30 pm

Thank you again for being a volunteer or vendor for Rockin’ The Hill. Please remember to plan on arriving at Bunker Hill Farms, located at 19731 Bunker Hill Road, in Woodstock by 3:15 pm. Attendees will begin to arrive at 5:00 pm and we need to be set up, trained and in position by that time. If your event contact has arranged for you to arrive at a different time, follow those instructions. This information is a general overview.


 5:00 pm – Gates open for arrival & parking

7:15 pm – Helicopter Raffle Drop (Volunteers and Vendors are welcome to participate)

7:30 pm – Randy Houser Kicks Off Rockin’ The Hill 2016!

9:00 pm – The Legends of Rock Take the Stage!

Logo_STYX_Blue_Black Border

10:30 pm – It’s the 4th of July Weekend – You know what’s coming!

Food Trucks will be open after Styx for only 30-45 minutes for a late snack if you’re still hungry!

11:00 pm – We’re sad to see you go, but you can’t stay here!



Please park in the Vendor/Volunteer Parking Area or the General Admission Area

You will be required to present your name and ID at the gate. Then you will be given a yellow or blue pass. Then follow the gravel road, and follow the instructions given to you by the parking assistant.

Safety Information

  1. In case of an emergency call 911 FIRST. The Harvard Fire Department will be on site. Do not move the guest. 911 emergency examples are: heart attack, someone passing out, broken bones, trouble breathing, injury to the head, neck or back (do not move the person), insect stings or allergic reactions.Contact 911 first, then contact Sig at 815-904-1904. Then call Erin at 847-997-3260, and if Erin is unavailable call Rhienna at 815-245-8865. If you have a radio, you can contact Sig/Erin on radio AFTER 911 call.
  1. NON Emergency: Examples are: sprained ankle, cuts, heat stroke or minor incidents where the guest needs assistance. In these cases, contact Sig first at 815-904-1904, then Erin at 847-997-3260, and then Rhienna at 815-245-8865. If you have a radio, you can contact Sig/Erin/Rhienna that way. Or if the guest is able, walk them to the volunteer tent where first aid is available.
  2. Video and photography will be taken. Be mindful of drones.

WEATHER:  It looks like it will be a beautiful day and night. Please dress accordingly and use your best judgement in planning your outfit.

Announcing The Helicopter Drop!

Wondering how to commemorate Rockin’ The Hill 2016? How about a chance to take home your choice of an autographed guitar from Styx or Randy Houser?

At 7:15 pm, a helicopter will drop numbered balls on the green, and the closest to the pin will select their guitar. The second closest to the pin will win the other guitar.

Entries will be sold on site. We will be able to take credit card, but cash is much faster! All proceeds will benefit a local 501(c) organization! Some volunteers will assist with the sale of the entries, yet volunteers and vendors are welcome to purchase a chance.

A single entry is a $20 donation.  

Donate $100 and you get 6 chances plus a special concert chair!


Three gourmet food trucks will be serving a variety of food items available for $4 –  $12 per item. They can take credit and debit cards, but please bring cash just in case their credit card machines have trouble. Volunteers and vendors will be provided with snacks, beverages and a light meal, yet you are welcome to purchase items from these three great trucks!

Each truck will have a variety of drinks available, but there will be no alcohol for purchase anywhere at the event.

Toasty Cheese
Specializes in gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.  They will be serving a variety of items featuring their top three sandwiches, fries and Lucky Luis Bites!

Thank you!  See you on Sunday.

If you have any questions, please contact Erin McElroy. She can be reached at erin@domekgroup.com or at 847-997-3260.

Contact Information

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