Volunteer & Vendor Info

19731 Bunker Hill Road in Woodstock, IL.
Please arrive no later than 6:15 am

Thank you again for signing up to volunteer on Sunday, June 12th for the Muddy Bunker III benefiting the Sage YMCA and Adult & Child Therapy Services. Please remember to plan on arriving at Bunker Hill Farms, located at 19731 Bunker Hill Road, in Woodstock by 6:15am. Registrants will begin to arrive at 6:45.

Please review the parking map below to familiarize yourself with the property. If you would like to attend the volunteer training on Saturday, June 11th from 9am -12pm please RSVP to Erin at Erin@domekgroup.com or at 847-997-3260. This is not a mandatory training session, but is encouraged.

Please review and print out a copy of the safety instructions at the bottom of this page for your reference on site.

Print Your Parking Pass

Please print your parking pass and have it visible in your car.

Please park in the Vendor/Volunteer Parking Area

Please familiarize yourself with the course map.

Safety Information

  1. In case of an emergency call 911 FIRST. The Harvard Fire Department will be on site. Do not move the participant. 911 emergency examples are: heart attack, someone passing out, broken bones, trouble breathing, injury to the head, neck or back (do not move the person), insect stings or allergic reactions.

Contact 911 first, then contact Sig at 815-904-1904. Then Call Erin at 847-997-3260. If you have a radio, you can contact Sig/Erin on radio AFTER 911 call.

  1. NON Emergency: Examples are: sprained ankle, cuts, minor light headedness or minor incidents where the participant needs assistance or transportation back to Lodge. In these cases, contact Sig first at 815-904-1904, then Erin at 847-997-3260. If you have a radio, you can contact Sig/Erin that way.
  2. For very minor cuts or participant needs, there will be a First Aid Kit at the Water Stations at Obstacle 15, 19 and at the Lodge/Finish Line.
  3. Video and photography will be taken. Be mindful of drones along the course.

SCHEDULE:  Registration for the participants is at 7:00am to 7:30 am. We will start the race at 8:00am. There will be cannons and ‘rockets’ set off so do not be alarmed if you hear those type of sounds. The post party will wind down around 11:00am and conclude at 11:30am.

WEATHER:  We will monitor the weather closely and send any changes to you by 6:00am on Sunday morning.  If there is a weather emergency during the race air horns will sound continuously and you will need to return to The Lodge as quickly as possible and take cover inside the garage. Notify the racers near your obstacle and bring them with you. Depending on your location, use your judgement to get to the nearest safest location (that may be your vehicle).

THE COURSE:  The course will be well marked.  It is OK to trample tall grass that is definitively on the course but please avoid any landscaped areas and stay on the trail at all times.  Please use caution on the fairways and try to avoid the soft areas as much as possible. Each obstacle will be numbered. For logistical and safety reasons we are only going to allow for one loop of the full course, the course includes a short course and a short cut. Any obstacle can be skipped and the course can even be walked by participants. This is a fun and safe event and teams must stay together. All volunteers will assist and direct spectators and/or teams along the course. If someone wants to stop the race, assist them with returning to the lodge by calling or radio Erin at 847-997-3260 to help the participant off the course.

There will be a ‘sweep’ volunteer. When he passes, he will tell you can leave your obstacle. Pick up garbage if you see any along the way. Unless you are assigned to another post, you can walk back to the Lodge and check out at the FHPC Volunteer Registration table to switch your t-shirt.

Thank you!  See you on Sunday.

If you have any questions, please contact Erin McElroy. She can be reached at erin@domekgroup.com or at 847-997-3260.

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