Race & Course Details

19731 Bunker Hill Road in Woodstock, IL 60098 (click link for directions)

Parking and Registration 7:15 – 8:15 am – Race begins at 8:30 am (No late start!)

The Muddy Bunker Corporate Challenge is only a few days away, and we can hardly wait!  Are you ready for our challenging course? These obstacles aren’t for the faint of heart ­– we promise they’ll challenge you both mentally and physically. Just remember to have fun, stay with your team, and skip any obstacles you don’t feel comfortable completing!

Below you’ll find details like directions, parking passes, your racer number, and your start time. Please take a few minutes to read through all the information, not only so you can be prepared to have a fun race, but a safe one too!

The Muddy Bunker Corporate Challenge is an exclusive and private event.

Please do NOT post, discuss or mention this event or make any reference to “Domek” or “Bunker Hill Farms” on any social media website. We would also prefer that you not post any photos from the event, but if you do, please just refer to it as a private event in Woodstock. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated! 

Course & Safety Information

SAFETY:  We want everyone to be safe, so please always enter and exit each obstacle as a team, being mindful of where your teammates are at all times, especially when tackling those obstacles that feature water. There are several obstacles that pose a serious risk of injury if you fall or are not a strong swimmer, so please only participate in obstacles that you are confident you can complete safely. If you don’t feel 100% safe tackling any particular obstacle, skip over it. Don’t take any unnecessary risks! You may run, jog, or even walk the entire course. Staff will be present at almost every obstacle to assist with any questions or concerns. The Harvard Fire Department will also be on-site during the race.


  • If you cannot swim, do NOT attempt any of the water obstacles.
  • Obstacle 27: Use great caution near the waterfall. It is very shallow, with lots of rock and stone to help prevent erosion. Don’t jump into the water at the waterfall, even from just a few feet. Volunteers and lifeguards will be able to assist in any emergency.


  • Stay on the course and the trails, especially on the north-side of the course. If you stray from the trails, you may encounter poison ivy, poison oak, poison parsnip, and ticks.
  • If you are prone to allergies or sensitive to airborne allergens DO NOT attempt Obstacles 15-19. The area where Obstacles 15-19 are set up contains the majority of these airborne allergens. Before Obstacle 14, there will be a sign directing you to the water station and porta-potty next to Obstacle 20. Wait at Obstacle 20, complete it with your team and continue on.  Compression socks are recommended for Obstacle 11, which is a cable over water.
  • You will cross over Bunker Hill Road to get to Obstacles 14-20. Racers will need to yield to cars. Race-in-progress signs will be displayed prominently and volunteers will be on-hand to keep things running smoothly. Please use caution while crossing the road, and run on the shoulder to the entrance of the marked trail.

THE COURSE:  The course consists of 31 obstacles, each clearly marked, with volunteers stationed along the way to help direct you. Please stay on the designated trails and avoid any wet, soft or landscaped areas. For logistical and safety reasons, only one loop of the course is allowed.

Below is a rough, aerial map of the course, along with each obstacle’s name, which should give you clue as to what to expect. Hopefully, we’ve included enough info to get you excited, yet left out just enough to make you a little nervous!

Remember, any obstacle can be skipped, and the entire course can be walked!

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Directions & Parking

Bunker Hill Road is CLOSED at Route 14. Use Dunham Road Detour

PARKING & DIRECTIONS:  If possible, please carpool, and don’t forget to have your team name and parking pass handy. You will enter from Bunker Hill Road (not Brookdale), 1.5 miles west of route 14 (between Tina Drive and Menge). For your GPS, you can use 19731 Bunker Hill Road in Woodstock, Illinois. That will put you right about at the entrance – a gravel drive marked with orange cones. Go through the cones and follow the road all the way around over two bridges and then park behind the car in front of you. There will be a volunteer parking assistant to help direct you to the right spot. If you have a sponsorship VIP parking pass, please present it along with your name/team name, and you will be directed to the VIP parking area near the Lodge. Only paid participants and spectators will be admitted.

IF DIRECTED TO PARK ALONG THE ROAD, PLEASE PARK TO THE RIGHT. With the soft grass, we need everyone to park with all four tires still on the gravel. Make sure there is still room for another car to get by you on the left. Then walk on the gravel road to The Lodge and down into the garage below the terrace for registration. Bring coolers, race gear, towels, post-race snacks and any supplies you need with you to registration (NO GLASS CONTAINERS). Each person will register individually under their last name, not their team name.

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WHEN YOU EXIT AFTER THE EVENT, do not turn your car around, just keep going straight on the gravel drive to the Brookdale Road exit (do not turn left on the gravel service road before you get to the gate). Then go through the gate (which will open automatically) and go right on Brookdale which will take you back to Dunham Road.

Print Your Parking Pass

Every vehicle will require a parking pass. Please make sure you have your parking pass visible as you enter the property.

Registration & Preparation Information

BEFORE YOU ARRIVE: Every participant is assigned a racer number, which was included in your email.  Please mark your racer number on your arm and leg before you register. Permanent markers will be available at registration, but please mark yourself ahead of time to avoid any check-in delays. If you don’t have your racer number, all racers are listed through the link below.

If a team member is missing, or a change has been made to your team, please email Erin McElroy as soon as possible – Erin@BHCharities.org

Check-In Procedure – Volunteers from Bunker Hill Charities and our partner agencies will be handling check-in and handing out goodie bags. If you haven’t marked your racer number on your arm and leg before you arrive, an area will be set up before check-in. Please stop by this area and mark one arm and one leg with your racer number-markers will be provided, but please mark yourself before checking in. Once you are checked in, please exit the garage to the lawn area out the back of the garage. Please reserve any non-race-related questions until after the race so that we may quickly process everyone in time for the start.

We want to thank all our volunteers and partners in advance. Our excellent volunteers and partners are a huge part of making this a fun and safe event!

SCHEDULE:  Registration/check-in is at 7:15 am to 8:15 am. Please allow enough time to park and walk to the lodge. We will start the race at 8:30 am followed by the champagne brunch.  No same-day registration or late starts will be allowed. Video and photography will be taken. Please be mindful of drones along the course, and don’t forget to smile for the camera!

START WAVE TIMES:  Your starting wave time is listed in your email. Please make sure you start at the proper time.

WEATHER:  We will monitor the weather closely and send any necessary updates or changes to you by 6:00 am the morning of the race. If there is a weather emergency during the race, a horn will sound and you will be directed to The Lodge or nearest shelter.

WHAT TO BRING:  Bring a towel, perhaps a change of clothes, and any food or beverage that you will want after the race. There will be places on the upper lawn, deck, and patio to put your cooler and bags after you pass through registration. Water and snacks are provided throughout the course. Please NO GLASS CONTAINERS. Use garbage cans at course stations and at the upper lawn, deck and patio area. We appreciate your cooperation in respecting the property, landscaping, and golf course greens and fairways.

WHAT TO WEAR:   Dri-fit clothes (especially shirts) are highly recommended. A trail shoe that drains is preferable, but gym shoes will work just fine.  Gloves are optional but not necessary.  Compression socks (that go to the knee) or some other protection to the knee is recommended (and probably necessary for the cable pull over the water). We know that compression socks aren’t exactly high-fashion, but in this case we think they’re a must, especially to help protect you from ticks, poison oak, and poison ivy.

FACILITIES:  We will have porta-potties and hand-washing stations on the gravel path straight up the hill from the beach and also two on the course, all of which will be marked. We will also have soap and shampoo for washing off in the lake afterwards if you like. You may also bring your own, but please just make sure it doesn’t contain any phosphates.  There is also an outdoor shower on the back side of the lodge, just a few steps from the brick path from the garage to the beach. You are welcome to use this, as it drains right into the lake so mud is not a problem. Please leave the temperature controls where they are. Pull the chain to turn the water on. Again, no shampoo or soap containing any phosphates, please.

SPECTATORS:  Spectators must be registered and over 21 years of age.  Spectators must go through registration with their teams (where they will also receive a goodie bag).

We suggest that spectators watch the start, then head to the pavilion area for Obstacles 5, 6 and 7.  You can follow your racers to Obstacle 7, and then take a stroll following the signs for Obstacle 11 to watch the cable over the water.

The real muddy stuff is at Obstacles 16 & 17, but we suggest spectators avoid walking to Obstacles 14-20 due to poison ivy, poison oak and ticks. We will provide bug spray, but if you wish to see any of the north-side obstacles, we recommend taking the shuttle from the Lodge. The shuttle will run continuously from the Lodge brick paver circle starting at 9:00 am.

After your return trip to the Lodge from the shuttle, we suggest you stroll down to Obstacle 26. This is another cool obstacle our racers may lose sleep over! Racers will be at Obstacle 26 between 9:30 am – 11:00 and after that you can catch the fun at the waterfall and Club Willow at 27-30.

Spectators can also wait by the lodge with a cold drink in their hand to watch the racers finish. We anticipate some of the first racers will be coming through the finish line starting around 10:00 am.

For any additional questions, Erin McElroy can be reached at erin@bhcharities.org or at 847-997-3260.

Thank you!

See you on Saturday.

Thank You To All Of Our Sponsors!

We would like to extend a very special and heartfelt thank you to all of our 2017 Muddy Bunker and Corporate Challenge Sponsors. This event would not have been possible without all of your support!

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